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Why choose Wallstag?

We offer a light and easy Instagram widget for your website. Embed it on your website and share UGC with your target audience.

  • Easily accessible
  • Very light weight widget
Multiple Themes

Easy on the website, easier on the budget.

Design & customization

Simple and hassle-free widget without any coding knowledge or need.

Customized Options

Create your own new design for your instagram feed display, from available templates.

Private post uploads
Highly Responsive

Use our themes that fit perfectly with your website, be it on phone, tablet or PC.

How Does Wallstag Work ?

  • Step 1
    Link your Instagram account

    Choose an existing account (business) that you wish to share with your audience to give better ideas about your offerings.

  • Step 2
    Edit your feed

    Make an attempt to discard unwanted feed elements for a cleaner and clearer look on the website.

  • Step 3
    Add the widget

    Now finally copy and add the widget code on your website for embedding the Wallstag instagram widget.

Pool Instagram Content Using Hashtag and Handle

Create a pool of content from a hashtag or an instagram handle. Bring together all the user-generated content and showcase it on your website with Wallstag.

Instagram Hashtag Feed on Website
Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed on Website

Cultivate more faith and build a trustworthy audience base by flaunting your rich User Generated Content (UGC). Also, embed a CTA button on your content for more sales conversions.

Instagram Profile Feed on Website
Embed Instagram Profile Feed on Website

Share your Instagram profile feed to attract more audience to your account and generate more followers for your instagram business account.

Powerful Features of Wallstag Instagram Widget

Multiple Themes
Responsive Layout

Wallstag themes are very lightweight and easy to manage making it more interactive and accessible.

Design & customization
Custom Design

Make a very unique design as per your target audience through customizations offered within the widget.

Optimized Code

You can add the least possible code for a seamlessly functioning widget.

Private post uploads
Shoppable Posts

Don’t just showcase your products but also, offer the website visitors a chance to shop from your instagram feed.

Profanity filter
Add Custom Content

Update and edit content on feed through manual post option on the widget and create a better promotional strategy using the Wallstag widget.

Insightful Analytics

Get a detailed analytical report of your feed from the widget to understand the performance of the Instagram widget on the website.

Official APIs

Accessing Instagram’s API to collect UGC through hashtags and other content generation mediums like stories , tags and mentions over the app.

Custom CSS

Take complete control of your widget and add more design elements through custom CSS.

One-time Installation

Get your own dashboard to manage and track the performance of the Wallstag Instagram widget without changing the embed code.

Dedicated Support

Offering full-time support and assistance from our end is never a miss. Reach out to us if you encounter any trouble while using our Instagram widget on the website.

Step by Step Guide

Find a complete guide to embedding and using Wallstag widget on your website.

Powerful Moderation

You take charge for all the content over your website, you can use already given moderation filters for a better experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instagram Widget?

Instagram Widget is an easy design solution that displays your instagram profile/ feed on your website without opening a new screen. This widget links your instagram account to your website in a few steps.

Once the account is linked, every update is automatically integrated into the website through the widget. This instagram widget can be embedded anywhere on the website like footer, body section etc.

Instagram widget gives you automatic updates of latest Instagram posts, where your new posts will display on the website automatically. Instagram feed widget can be integrated on any section of the website such as sidebar, footer or body.

How to use Instagram Widget?

Instagram widget can be used in many ways; throughout your website elements like footer, gallery tab or sidebar etc. Embedding the free instagram widget on your website is very easy. Just copy and paste the embed code as per your website building platform.

How to embed an Instagram widget to a website?

Steps to add an Instagram widget on the website

  • Log in to your Wallstag account using a web browser.
  • Go to your Walls and choose the wall you want to embed.
  • Click on the Embed/Display option in the sidebar.
  • Visit Embed on the Website tab.
  • Select the suitable website platform.
  • Set the height and width of the Instagram widget.
  • Copy the embed code and paste it into your blog, website, or article.
How to add an Instagram widget to Shopify?

Steps to add Instagram feed widget embed code on Shopify website

  • Log in to your Shopify website.
  • Under the Sales Channels, click on the Online Store.
  • Then tap on Page or Blog Posts.
  • Select the page or post where you want to add an Instagram widget.
  • Click on <> icon to switch to HTML view.
  • Paste the Instagram feed widget code anywhere on the page or post.
  • Save the changes.
How to get the Instagram Widget code?
  • Login to your Wallstag account
  • Open your Walls
  • Click Embed/Display option
  • Visit Embed on the Website tab
  • Choose your website building platform and generate your widget code
Can Instagram photos be added to my widget with a hashtag?

Yes, you can add your Instagram photos by hashtag in the Wallstag Instagram widget. Simply type the hashtag you need in the source tab. If you need multiple hashtags, then repeat the same process for each hashtag.

How to add an Instagram widget to an HTML website?

To embed an Instagram widget, you just need to copy the embed code and add it in the HTML website’s body section.

Can Instagram feed widgets be integrated on CMS platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Shopify, SQUARESPACE, Magento, or more?

Yes, you can embed Wallstag Instagram widget anywhere on any website building platform. Wallstag offers a very robust and lightweight feed widgets that easily support all kinds of interface.

Is it possible to reject and accept Instagram posts before going live on the website?

Yes, with Wallstag widget the control of your Instagram feed is in your hands. Use the moderation filters or manually accept or reject the posts on your feed.

Can the designs be customized for the Instagram feed widget?

Yes, on Wallstag you can edit and update the design using custom CSS or choose from the given set of layouts.

Is the Instagram widget responsive?

Wallstag Instagram widget supports all devices such as PC, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. It responds as per the screen size of the device without any hassle or delay.