twitter followers

Best 7 way for increase your twitter followers

To help you supercharge your Twitter presence, we have put together these tried tips

Whose you can use :

  1. Do Tweet on right time
  2. Do pin Your best tweet
  3. Embend twitter feed on your website
  4. Use to twiiter hastag
  5. Properly set your twitter profile
  6. Sharing your twitter other social platform
  7. Run Twitter Contests

1. Tweet on right time

With so many on twitter account , it is very important to tweet on the right time. Otherwise people won’t see your content.

According to research “For attractive twitter marketing, you should be post at least  6 time a day.”

and besides, the timing of your tweeting is also matters. Usually, User have lot of possibility for use of tweet in the afternoon. So , if your tweeting schedule his according then you can increase your involvement on the twitter.

As well as, there are also such fix times when you can get more involvement on the twitter .

  >> Tuesday :9 AM  to 2 PM Till

>> Wensday : 9 AM to 2 Pm Till

>> thrusday : 9 AM to 2 PM Till

>> Friday : 9 AM To 2 PM Till

2. pin the your best tweet

In Social media marketing,  you only get a few second to make an impression on other user , so it is very important that your put  your best performance with your Twitter profile. You can do this pining your best tweet so that its appears on the top of twitter profile.

All you have to do pin your best content. And anyone person will see immediately on twitter profile. With this, you are making a great first impression by giving free useful tips for your followers.

As well as , If you want to drive more traffic to pinned tweets so you can also add a link to it . since it is at on top your profile. So you will get more clicks there.  

3. Embed Twitter feed on your website

What you want increase your twitter account traffic on your Website. Do you want to increase your twitter account traffic form your Website.  An Easy Way to do “this is to add a twitter feed to your site.

Now it is no need to add Twitter posts one by one. With twitter feeds, You can add all metrail to on your website form directly your twitter account.

 And it’s really easy.  With the free custom twitter feed plugin just need some clicks.  And  you can found  your twitter feed on your website Without any coding help. With this plugin’s speed optimization, your website will be load lighting fast no matter tweets embed. Plus having a faster website means you get better SEO.

Plus, the custom Twitter feed plugin automatically inherits your website’s theme for your feed.

So, Your twitter feed will match your barnding perfectly. All this without paying a single cent because the plugin is completety free . go and grab your free copy of twiiter feed and start growing your followers today

4. Use twitter #tag

With approximately 500000 tweet send evey minute, you will have work hard to stand in this sea of new tweet. Thankfully there is a easy way to improve your chances – Hashtags , simply adding hashtags to your tweets can make them easy to find. In fact , you can even add reated hashtag your bio  and make your twitter profile more discoverable.

For Example , since WPBegnnier is the largest unofficial resource site for wordpress. So he add in his bio. So people looking for wordpress resources can find your profile.

When a lot of people are talking about a topic. So that topic become trending hashtag. If hastag related to your barnd is trending. So this is a great time to get involved and join the conversation

Ever better, there is a easy way to use hasttags and convert your visitors into twitter followers.

Even better, there is a really easy way to use hashtags and convert your visitors into twitter followers.

With this, You can combine tweets from multiple different users or hastags at once. And you can create twitter feeds from mentions, lists, and search Results. Therefore, creating a  diverse twitter feed is very easy.

In fact, you can also embed hashtag twitter feeds directly on your website.

As well as , you also get many more customization options , including carousels and measonry layouts. As a result, creating an engaging feed will become much easier. You can engage your visitors with relevant posts.

5. Set up your Twitter profile properly

Setting up your twitter profile properly is one of the best way to gain new twitter followers for Free . to make a better impression, you will need a twitter profile with the following.

  1. A profile picture with your company logo or your photo
  2. A Twitter handle with your name or company name
  3. A biography that is brief and has little personality
  4. A link to your website and your location

To make it more clear, let’t take  the example of a good twitter profile |

As you can see, it is all the important information and a touch of personality. So it does not seem that it has been prepared by a bot . with these simple will end up with a twitter profile that look much more complete and professional.

6.Share twitter to other social platforms

By linking your twitter account to your other social media platforms , you can easily get lots of new folloers.

After all, people who are following you on platforms like facebook and instagram, they are alredy interested in your brand.

7. Run Twitter Contests

The easiest way to get more twitter followers is to run various contests on twitter. You are bascically turning your marketing posts into a “game” to challenge people.

To run contests and giveaways without spending money. You can offer discounts, coupons, service trials or product samples to reward winners.

Here are some ideas for twitter contests you can try :

>>Ask a question they can answer

>>Start a simple guessing game.

>> Ask People to tweet images with specific hashtags

>> Start a caption contest

And to make things even better, there’s a free tool that can help you easily run contests and giveaways.

The Plugin wil manage everything from rules to contest duration for you. All you need to do is choose template, enter your details, you are ready to go.

Rafflepress also comes with a special template for increasing your twitter followers.

As you can see, this is the best wordpress giveaway plugin on the market. If you want to get more followers on twitter easily. Than Rafflepress can help you for free. And  if you are happy with it, so you can upgrade to the premium version at any time. You can get even more features, like email marketing integration and tons of new contests and giveaways.