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How to Embed Google Reviews Widget on Your Divi Website

Embedding a Google Reviews widget on your Divi website involves using a third-party plugin or a custom code solution. Here’s a general guide using a popular third-party plugin called “EmbedReviews”:

Method 1: Using EmbedReviews Plugin

  1. Install and Activate EmbedReviews Plugin:
  • In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to “Plugins” > “Add New.”
    • Search for “EmbedReviews” and install the plugin.
    • Activate the plugin.
  • Connect Your Google My Business Account:
  • After activation, go to “EmbedReviews” in your WordPress dashboard.
    • Connect your Google My Business account and authorize the plugin to access your reviews.
  • Create a Google Reviews Widget:
  • Once connected, create a new widget for your Google Reviews.
    • Customize the widget layout, style, and other settings as needed.
  • Get the Embed Code:
  • After configuring the widget, the plugin will provide you with an embed code.
  • Add the Code to Your Divi Page/Post:
  • Open the Divi Builder on the page or post where you want to display the Google Reviews.
    • Add a “Code” module to the desired section.
    • Paste the generated embed code into the code module.
    • Save or update your page.

Method 2: Using Google Reviews Widget (Custom Code)

If you prefer a custom code solution without a plugin, you can use the official Google Reviews API or third-party review widgets that generate embeddable code.

  1. Google Reviews API (Advanced):
  • Use the Google Places API to retrieve reviews.
    • Develop custom code to display these reviews on your Divi website.
  • Third-Party Widgets:
  • Explore third-party review widgets that generate custom embed code.
    • Follow the widget provider’s instructions to create and customize the widget.
    • Add the generated code to your Divi page using a Code module.

Always ensure that you comply with Google’s API terms of service and any terms specified by the plugin or widget provider. Regularly check for updates and compatibility with the latest Divi version for a seamless integration experience.