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How to Add Facebook Page Reviews Widget to Your Website

Facebook does not provide a direct widget or embed code for adding page reviews to external websites due to privacy and security reasons. However, you can use third-party tools that allow you to create a widget or embed reviews on your website. Here’s a general guide using a popular third-party tool called “EmbedSocial”:

Using EmbedSocial to Add Facebook Page Reviews Widget:

  1. Visit EmbedSocial:
  • Create an Account:
  • Sign up for an account on EmbedSocial.
  • Connect Your Facebook Page:
  • Once logged in, connect your Facebook account and select the page for which you want to display reviews.
  • Choose a Widget Type:
  • Explore the available widgets and select a style that suits your website.
  • Configure Widget Settings:
  • Customize the widget settings, such as the number of reviews to display, theme, layout, and other options.
  • Generate Embed Code:
  • After configuring the widget, generate the embed code.
  • Copy the Code:
  • Copy the provided HTML code.
  • Paste Code on Your Website:
  • Go to your website’s editor or HTML file where you want to add the widget.
    • Paste the copied code into the desired location.
  • Save and Publish:
  • Save your changes and publish your website.
  1. Preview the Widget:

Please note that the steps above are specific to EmbedSocial, and there are other third-party tools available that offer similar functionalities. Additionally, the availability of these tools and features may change over time, so it’s a good idea to explore the latest options.

Always ensure that you comply with the terms and policies of the third-party tool you choose, and respect the privacy and permissions of your Facebook page reviewers. If EmbedSocial or a similar tool is not suitable for your needs, you may want to explore other options or contact your web developer for a custom solution.